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Forest Walkers of Highway 50

Forest Walkers are a volunteer group within ENFIA established for members who enjoy being out in the forest as well as helping with forest projects. 

In the past the Walkers established an information station at the Pyramid Creek Trailhead at Twin Bridges. Here they provided valuable information to visitors on all aspects of travel into Desolation Wilderness. This trailhead is now under the management of a contractor to the USFS.

The walkers also participated in the remarking of the Pony Express Trail through Kyburz and other projects in the forest.

Right now the group is going through some changes and is looking for some new members to help organize events and volunteer activities. Some possibilities are:

  • Volunteer at the Placerville Ranger Station in Camino to help with Desolation Wilderness passes and information.
  • Organize and lead interpretive hikes.
  • Volunteer at Wrights Lake Kiosk to provide informational services to visitors.
  • Generate ideas to help serve the visitors of the forest more effectively so they can have a safe, enjoyable experience.
  • Generate informational posts/blogs on trails and experiences for visitors in the forest along Highway 50.

ENFIA is very much interested in providing more leadership to visitors along the Highway 50 corridor. If this is an area in which you would like to be involved, please let us know.